We promote the internationalization
of education

Integrate the international, global and intercultural dimension to teaching, learning, research and service functions goals of education systems


Who we are

We are a multidisciplinary team of educators, researchers and professionals committed to international, multilevel and diverse education.

An important milestone in the creation of this Foundation was the formalization of the Interdisciplinary Program LINED (Laboratory of Internationalization of Education) in 2021 with double dependence of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Psychology of the National University of Mar del Plata (UNMDP). The first actions were aimed at positioning the Program in the global scenario and contributing to its internationalization through conferences, talks and webinars with experts on the subject, training and workshops with referents from International Relations Offices in the region.


The comprehensive and systematic evaluations of these experiences made it possible to identify three prevailing needs:
a. To expedite processes of internationalization of education mainly at the middle, higher and superior levels in the world, with emphasis on the Latin American and Caribbean region.
b. Consolidate and strengthen synergies with organizations that provide support and complementary services for the management of international mobility processes for members of the educational community and international educational projects with social impact.
c. Promote the development of global citizenship competencies.

In order to respond to these needs, the LINED GLOBAL Foundation was created in 2022.



To promote the creation and development of global quality educational ecosystems.


To be a global reference in the internationalization of education with social projection.

Our Values


Quality Education

Social Innovation


Global Sinergy



Educación de Calidad

Innovación Social


Sinergia Global


Contribute to the promotion, development and strengthening of:

Internationalization as a strategic process of educational institutions in the medium and long term.

Mobilities of students, teachers, researchers, technicians, extension workers and managers of educational institutions.

International education based on pluridiversity and the good coexistence of peoples.

International scientific, technical and technological research.

Regional and global linkages between institutions related to education.

International entrepreneurial education with a gender perspective.

The social commitment of educational institutions.


Advise on the planning and implementation processes of international, science and technology and extension areas, as well as on the general planning processes of postgraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees with curricular and extracurricular internationalization.

To channel the cooperation between educational institutions with organizations of the productive, business, governmental and non-governmental sectors.

Advise on the creation and development of PhD careers and International offices

To organize and manage face-to-face, virtual and/or hybrid events related to the objectives of this Foundation.

To survey possibilities and offers of incoming and outgoing mobilities for international / pluridiverse education in all types of public and private institutions.

Identify and apply for national and international funding sources through projects aligned with the objectives of this Foundation.

Provide relevant information on immigration procedures related to education at all levels.

Manage third party funding sources related to the objectives of this Foundation.